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Medical Billing Coding Specialist

A Career as Medical Billing Coding Specialist

Medical Billing Coding Specialist Why Should Become OneMedical billing coding specialists are largely responsible for making sure medical practice office reimbursement and revenue cycles run very smoothly. When a physician performed the service, the medical billing coding specialist will then generate a superbill or a charge sleep. They will then scrub the claims before they send it out. Making sure the CPT Procedural codes and the diagnosis codes are appropriate based on the Physician’s documentation on the patient. Maximizing reimbursement is the biggest challenge for the Medical Billing Coding Specialist making sure the practice are getting reimbursed appropriately. Medical Billing Coding Specialist must be a pro-active individual and accuracy is an absolute must. This career I must say is a very promising career.

Medical billing coding specialist is a medical profession field that deals with the procedure for processing patients medical claims involving data and information which include health records and insurance information for reimbursement. This procedure involves learning a large numbers of codes with each code representing a particular symptom, diagnoses, and medication.  Every patient account has to be accurately recorded, registered and tracked accordingly in order to appropriately claim payment for services rendered by the health service provider. Medical billing and medical coding professions are two different kinds of jobs; Medical billers communicate directly with the patients and the medical insurance providers to monitor invoices payment and the payment period. Medical coders, on the other hand, do not frequently come in contact with the insurance providers and the patients; they spend most of their time accessing and coding patients’ data. In the medical field, every action carried out need to be coded correctly in order for correct billing to take place. Therefore Medical billers and medical coders working hand in hand for accurate Medical billing and coding to be conducted which leads to correct and proper claims. Below are the reasons why you should be pursuing the career of medical billing and coding.

                        Office Based Medical Billing Coding Specialist – how much are you worth?

Medical Billing Coding Specialist Why Should Become OneWant to work in the medical field but not to be in contact with patients or body fluids? The answer is Medical billing and coding career. Medical billing and coding is an office based career in the medical industry where the individual does not have to come in contact with body fluids and patients as the norm in the medical field. These outstanding individuals are responsible for submitting the medicare services claims for reimbursement to the insurance companies due to treatment offered to the client of the insurance firm by the medical facilities. Are you analytically minded and oriented? Then a career in the field of Medical billing and coding is suited for you; this career requires individuals who are analytical, oriented and accurate since it involves a lot of analytics and orientation. A medical biller and coder get employed in the following areas; hospital, diagnostic center, extended care facility, the insurance firm or a doctor’s office. A vital function of each medical facility with the capability of offering insurance medication is Medical billing and coding since it plays a fundamental in claiming payment for medical services provided to patients.  As stated earlier many codes are to be learned by an individual pursuing this satisfying career, the codes include, procedural codes, insurance codes and also trained in medical terminologies and finally processing claims procedures and rules. Therefore individuals interested in learning medical terminologies, insurance procedures, and possess analytical skills and are usually reliable and accurate should pursue this career – in Medical Billing and Coding.

                        Potential Remote Medical Billing and Coding Jobs

Why You Should Become a Medical Billing Coding Specialist

Medical Billing Coding Specialist Why Should Become OneI have seen some coders who are working at home. That to me is a very good opportunity. Having the opportunity to work at home is really great. The field of medical billing and coding is evolving at a rapid rate as the application of internet technologies has been increased in this field therefore you can work remotely at home as a freelancer coder. As a specialist in the field of medical billing and coding you can set a flexible schedule to fit your daily plans. Because actually, the medical billing and coding specialist based on their contract with the employer or the physician group are given a cloud-based access for the practice management software or the records. But nevertheless, you have to understand, you will be signing important documents to meet compliance and HIPAA Rules and Regulations as required.

Environmental Aspects (Different work settings)

Why You Should Become a Medical Billing Coding Specialist

Are you a person who likes to work in different work settings yet in the same career field? If, Yes? Then medical billing coding specialist is the career for you as you get a chance to choose from various work settings and specialty. Different environments are well suited for the Medical billing and coding specialists. It does not have to be necessarily a health facility for one to be employed to practice medical billing and coding. Also in the health centre one can work in different department and sections dealing with various diagnoses and medication. An individual interested in this career but does not one to work in a particular environment of a health facility can choose from an extensive field.

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These areas include:

  1. Surgery centers
  2. Sursing homes
  3. Dental offices
  4. Physician offices
  5. Facilities offering long term care
  6. Facilities dealing with mental cases

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If an individual is interested in a medical billing and coding career but does not like the environment of a healthcare facility then do not lose hope since, one can also work as insurance claim analyst outside the healthcare facilities. The different organizations and institutions that an individual in the field of medical billing and coding can work apart from the healthcare settings include insurance companies, independent organizations offering coding and billing services, public health agencies, consulting firms and different government agencies (Branford Hall Career Institute). A significant number of coding and billing specialists conduct their business in office buildings coding and analyzing patient’s charts. These experts spend long hours of every day on their personal computers analyzing patients’ data and information by utilizing electronic health records and coding software. International Classification of Diseases (ICD) is an international codebook often applied by medical coders to solve complex diagnostic questions. Most of the coding duties are done by these specialists, but they sometimes consult doctors. The career of medical billing and coding requires a hardworking and patient person since this profession requires one to work long hours, overnight shifts or even evening hours (Maurer, 2015). Searched Keyword: medical billing coding specialist

                         Serve an Important Role in the Health Care Industry

medical biller work from homeMedical billing coding specialist plays a fundamental role in allowing the healthcare system to be run smoothly by keeping the reimbursement side and the revenue cycle of the practice as a whole. This field can provide you with happiness and pride that you help a huge number of people daily to live a healthy and long life. The duties of Medical billing coding specialist (but not limited to) scrubbing claims,  keeping records of the services provided to the patients from the onset of the treatment stage which might be an admission date to the final stages of treatment. And as a Medical Billing Coding Specialist – you need to have enough knowledge in HIPAA Rules and Regulations, Compliance and Proper Documentation. See medical billing coding specialist career can be fun as long as you love it! With the ICD-10 Coming Up! – you need to have a strong background in Anatomy and Physiology if you want to succeed in a Specialty-Focused Medical Billing and Coding Career.

Medical Billing and Coding Process (a good visualization example)


medical biller work from home




                        Employment outlook .. and why You Should Become a Medical Billing Coding Specialist

looking for medical billerIf you want to get employed faster after college or to switch jobs without taking time to get employed again then the career for you is medical billing and coding. Employment outlook for the medical billing and coding career reveals that, this field is growing at a rapid rate.  Becoming a Medical Billing Coding Specialist is really a promising career. Expertise in computer software and technological knowledge is an added advantage to an individual majoring as a medical biller and coder since these skills are frequently applied to analyze patients’ data and information. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics Medical billing and coding professionals’ employment is going to rise rapidly through 2018 more than the average growth in any other industry. This fast growth can be attributed to the high population of the senior citizens, increasing number of medical procedures and tests being performed in this technological era and hence increasing the number of claims.  In addition to the above increased widespread application of the Electronics, Health Records has lead to an increase need for technicians to analyze and manage the patients’ health records.

                        Salary outlook ( … and why You Should Become a Medical Billing Coding Specialist)

Medical Billing Coding Specialist Why Should Become One

The median pay of a health claim specialist in 2012 was $ 34,160 per year and $16.42 per hour (U.S. Department of Labor, 2014).

The location, experience and the education level of a medical billing coding specialist are the factors used to gauge the amount of salary a given health claims specialist should earn.  Professionals in this field with the required certificates and a larger experience, when compared to others, stand a higher chance of job security and a bigger salary. Therefore an individual interested in this field should attain a proper certification and expect more salary as he or she gains more experience compared to the uncertified individuals. A person should be interested in this a profession in the medical field due to the need to exploit the increased employment opportunities and the large salaries in the area of medical billing and coding. Check out DOL Occupational Outlook here

                        Promising Career and be demand – Why You Should Become a Medical Billing Coding Specialist

Want to work in a field that one grows faster career wise? Medical billing coding specialist is a promising career since through experience and certification one can growth fast career wise. Highly experienced medical billing coding specialist can become supervisors of other upcoming coders and coding teams. There is always a room for constant growth for medical billing coding specialist. Also through experience an individual can grow to the position of a coding director in medical facilities, insurance firms, health organizations and other corporate institutions. In this technological era, some organizations have developed positions of executive directors in charge of coding operations and coding strategies and this has strongly been influenced by the need to keep patients’ data private and confidential and also the need to analyze the data accurately in order to conduct right and appropriate claims. A specialist in this field of medical billing and coding can advance easily and faster so long as he or she possess a bachelor’s degree in either health care administration or health information management.

Therefore, the above is a reason enough to pursue a career in medical billing coding specialist since in today’s world one can attain a bachelor’s degree faster in a short period when compared to other educational attainment such as Masters or other advanced levels of learning. Since number of opportunities in this field increases every day due to increased number of senior citizens and the evolution of technology, then an individual can attain the required experience faster and climb the levels of coding management to the highest level within a short period; this is another reason to undertake a career in medical billing coding specialist.

                        Full-time job opportunity Why You Should Become a Medical Billing Coding Specialist

Medical Billing Coding Specialist Why Should Become One


Medical billers and coders work full time like any other office work. So you should not worry of finding another job as a part timer? Medical billing and coding provides the opportunity of a life time. Therefore, you should be interested in this profession it offers a full-time job opportunity and is demanding and encouraging. They can also work per diem or part time.

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                        Economic outlook Why You Should Become a Medical Billing Coding Specialist

Numerous certification programs are available for training programs, and the certification exams are offered online and cheaper than any other profession’s certification.  Some training schools provide both training and certification, for example, the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). Job prospects and advancement in career is very promising in this field of medical billing and coding. UNC Charlotte, NC offers an average salary of $31, 490 (UNC CHARLOTTE, 2015). Therefore, this area is economical since training and certification are less expensive and covers a short period, and the employment rate is high and the earnings are very attractive and satisfying. Due to the increasing population aging rate, courts and consumers will monitor services offered and technicians will be needed to input patient’s data into the health databases according to legislations by the federal government and therefore technicians with skills in billing and coding will be in high demand.

                        Steady and predictable work schedule (Why You Should Become a Medical Billing Coding Specialist)

Most individuals in the health care field work longer hours and with unpredictable schedules but medical billers and coders provide support services for the health care facilities and can work just 40 hours per week. As a medical biller and coder you will enjoy steady  and predictable work schedule and hence enough time for family affairs.

                                   Take advantage of Short Training period and a range of education options

Programs for Medical billing coding specialist can take as short as three months. Most of the medical billing coding specialist programs take a period of two years, and these programs are either offered by community colleges, education centers or four-year colleges. In most of this centers and colleges,   specialists in this medical field are fully trained from start on everything but exceptions may be considered for the experienced individuals in other areas of health information management or persons with stronger background (Maurer, 2015).


Medical billing coding specialist career is regarded as an apprenticeship program by the United States Department of Labor (U.S. Department of Labor, 2014). Therefore, a person should be interested in this field and exploit this factor since apprenticeship is cheaper and takes less time hence the reason for and individual to commence a career as medical billing coding specialist.

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Possible Medical Specialty to Focus on for Medical Billing Specialist and Coders

In this field of medical billing and coding, demand is highest for specialists with medical expertise in the field of interventional radiology. Interventional radiology is a medical field that utilizes minimal procedures guided by image to detect and treat diseases in almost all the body’s organs which reduces trauma and shortens recovery period (Society of Interventional Radiology, 2010). Therefore for a person joining the medical billing and coding field one should focus on the area of interventional radiology. This field of interventional radiology focuses on codes for vertebral augmentation, category III, carotid stent procedures, percutaneous cryoablation for bone and liver tumors and other common clinical cases codes (Society of Interventional Radiology, 2015).  A person interested in becoming a medical billing coding specialist may consider some other specialty-focused field such as General Surgery, Pain Management, Orthopedic and many more.

                        Possible tools that you may need when you purse Medical Billing Coding Specialist career

The field of medical billing and coding requires fewer tools and hence this is the other main reason one should specialize in medical billing and coding. Most of the tools required are a computer, coding software, coding reference books and coding lookup tools. The other necessary and additional tools are supplied by the health facility administrators or other institutions which act as the employers (, 2015). The technology use this field of medical billing and coding include, classification or categorizing software, database user interface and query software, medical software, word processing software and document management software (ONET Resource Center, 2013).

                                                Re-entry of workforce and a fast step towards new opportunities

Why You Should Become a Medical Billing Coding Specialist

Need to broaden the current skills or re-enter the workforce? Then the answer to this question is medical billing and coding. Properly trained claims specialist perform the task of proper implementation of reporting of transactions, implement and maintain a secure and confidential health management system. Through coding programs offered in different colleges, a specialist can code different diagnoses, procedure using the different software of classification. Different patients are covered by Medicaid, Medicare or other insurance firms and reimbursements for the services offered to this patients by the health facility is classified by the medical coders and hence the need to be accurately trained. An individual interested in insurance work and medical field then the field to major in is the medical billing and coding.

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                          Computer expert, accurate and enjoy statistics?

Accuracy and reliability are of great importance when it comes to this field, and coding plays the function of providing accurate and reliable results.  The other duty of a medical billing and coding individual is utilizing the coded information to send invoices to both the patient and the insurance firm and in addition record the accurate results of the patient and the insurance company in the healthcare facility’s system. As a health billing and coding professional one’s daily activities include the following; Assigning codes for reimbursement applying the use of a computerized system. Secondly, processing health facility claims from the patients’ insurance firm is another daily duty of a medical biller and coder. Inserting patients’ information into the database and reviewing the patients’ statements and payments is the other regular duty of an individual interested in Medical billing and coding career. This medical field office career also comprises of organizing, submitting health insurance claim forms and resubmitting the rejected forms for further consideration (Branford Hall Career Institute). Anyone interested in a medical career consisting of purely office work and computerized systems then the career to go for is Medical billing and coding.

                        Future outlook   (Why You Should Become a Medical Billing Coding Specialist)

The future for a medical biller and coder looks promising because an individual can grow through the ranks to become a coding manager overseeing a number of billers and coders or coding supervisor or even higher. This field requires no mandatory training or any other requirement though some knowledge and skills regarding this field need to be learned through certain college programs. Certification enhances an individual earning potential. Furthermore it increase the eligibility of career development and also promotional opportunities. In addition, a specialist in this field will receive recognition from his or her peers or the globally as being a professional in the field of medical billing and coding. Texas offers the best opportunities in medical billing and coding as it houses the best medical centers and comes with competitive wages. For bachelor courses, an externship is provided to expose the medical billers and coders to the real world of medical billing and coding (Texas Vocational Schools, 2011).


Credibility and marketability are what a medical billing and coding certification provides to the interested individual although it is not a requirement for a person to qualify as a medical billing and coding specialist. Branford Hall Career Institute recommends that a practitioner should sit for the Certified Professional Coder Exam which is offered by American Academy of Professional Coders (Branford Hall Career Institute). There are other institutions that offer professional online exams in this specialization and its include American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).  While there is no particular educational qualification for a person to qualify as a medical billing and coding professional, successful specialist Posses’ knowledge of anatomy, medical terminology, biology, and physiology. For most employers, their requirements may be a high school diploma or certificate of a post-secondary institution.  According to O*Net, an estimated 21% of health information technicians did not attain a degree though attended college while 20% attained an associate degree (O*NET Resource Center, 2013).


In conclusion, medical billing and coding is vital function in the medical field as it functions to allowing the healthcare system to be run smoothly by keeping the monetary side of the medical system in control from interfering with the primary role of a health facility which is treatment. Medical billing and medical coding differ due to the rate of interaction with the insurance firm and the patients though the two must work hand in hand to conduct accurate and correct claims for the services offered to the patients.  The field of medical billing and coding requires one to be analytical and mind oriented since it requires credibility and accuracy. The reason you should pursue a career in the field of medical billing and coding is the job prospects and career advancement. Due to the adding rate of the population employment in this area is high and also one rises through the ranks depending on the experience and certification. The salary is very attractive and promising and for one to qualify as a specialist requires less training which takes a short period and is less expensive hence economical. A medical biller and coder can work in different environments including hospital, diagnostic center, extended care facility, the insurance firm or a doctor’s office. Medical billing and coding is a very lucrative career due to its salary and also its employment rate is high; therefore it is a promising career and one should pursue in order to have a bright future.

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