Free Webinar Medical Practice Billing, Cashflow… June 06, 2015.


On my 10th Year Anniversary as a Blogger and Providing Value to the Medical Practice Industry (since 2005)!

I am inviting you, your practice and your staff to join my FREE LIVE WEBINAR on

“Medical Practice Cash Flow, Revenue Cycle, Billing, Patients’ Payments Collection and Reimbursement Management”

June 06, 2015 SATURDAY at 2:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time


  1. How to Improve your Daily Cash Flow and Maximize Reimbursement
  2. How to Efficiently Manage your Revenue Cycle
  3. Understanding your Practice Analysis Reports and Accounts Receivables
  4. How to Minimize Claims Denials and Rejection.
  5. Learn how to use tools such as the CCI Edits, Medicare and Commercial Payers Reimbursement Guidelines, Insurance Benefits and Eligibility Verification
  6. How to Use Some Useful Medical Modifiers
  7. How to Appeal your Claims and Get Paid for your Services.
  8. Understanding the General Concepts/Process on Workers Compensation and Motor Vehicle Claims and how to properly submit them to avoid payments delay.
  9. How to Efficiently Collect Patients’ Responsibility and Account Balances (In-Network or Out-of-Network)

Please share this event to your friends and colleagues who might benefit from it.



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Author: Pinky Maniri

Ms. Pinky, as she is fondly called - is a Reputable Professional Consultant and Expert in Practice Administration, Medical Billing, Coding, Health Information Technology, Insurance Credentialing and Compliance for Physician Offices. Well-educated with a Degree in Computer Systems Engineering and a background in Clinical Nursing and Small Business Management. Her professional mission is to make sure her clients/physicians maximize reimbursement while they remain compliant with the current rules, changes, guidelines and policies. Read More About Ms. Pinky here and See what Other's say about her Expertise Testimonials

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