Can cpt code 49507 Inguinal Hernia and 49568 be billed together


can cpt code 49507 and 49568 be billed together? what modifier is used…got it returned for missing modifier

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49507 Repair initial inguinal hernia, age 5 years or older; incarcerated or strangulated
49568 Implantation of mesh or other prosthesis for open incisional or ventral hernia repair or mesh for closure of debridement for necrotizing soft tissue infection (List separately in addition to code for the incisional or ventral hernia repair)

** CPT 49507 is a unilateral code; append 50 if bilateral

49568 (MESH) is bundled with 49507 since this is inguinal. But per CCI Edits, it can bypass edits – a modifier may be allowed. Refer to Modifier 59.

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