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Ms. Pinky is absolutely an expert in her field. She is a very passionate person with the work that she does.The help that she have been providing to any physician that crosses her blog or her LinkedIn Profile is a big help. ~ Dr. Jerry, Anesthesiologist, Connecticut

This is a personal recommendation to Ms. Pinky – she have been helping me and my practice since 2004. And until today, she is always there whenever I have a question on claims that are not properly paid and reimbursed. When she offered me to be take the seat as one of her Medical Advisory Boards for her website, I did not hesitate. The value that she provided me and with my practice is well appreciated. ~ Dr. Dolly, Anesthesiologist, Florida

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From All Others …

Your billing and coding website has always been a big help to me since 2006 when I was starting out and trying to become a biller. I am now working towards my goal of becoming RHIT! God Bless you, Ms. Pinky. Thank you for all that you do and for all that you share on your websites. – Jen P., Orthopedic Practice Billing Manager, Cali

So amazed how you write articles and share your knowledge to everyone who needs help in billing and coding. Thank you and please continue what you do. You are a blessing! – Charlotte, subsciber from Boston

Just a note to let you know that I began my carrer by visiting and utilizing the information on your website. Even today I gleaned some very helpful information regarding the usage of US/fluoscopy codes. Thank you!  – Sue B., Washington State

Ms. Pinky is so kind enough to build this blog and her 10 years blog justmypassion.com helping coders and billers in medical offices. Thank you. – Salma, Biller in India

Always relied on Pinky’s blog and following – Brenda, Billing Student, TX

Credentialed with insurance companies especially if the market panel is closed. Ms Pinky even
walked me through how to obtain my NPI number for the first time and setting up CAQH for me.
She will continue to help you even if your contract is done and work is done. – Senna G., PT,
DPT, New Jersey

I am so happy when I found your blog on the internet. It has been teaching me become efficient
biller. Thank you for sharing and for all that you do, God Bless Ms. Pinky. – Terrence, Medical
Biller, New Haven, CT

If you are confused with Pain Management coding and billing Ms Pinky can help you! Her blog
has so many things that you can learn on Pain Management. – Celia – Medical Billing
Specialist, Chicago

Ms. Pinky is very experienced with Workers Compensation and Motor Vehicle Claims especially in
New York and New Jersey. I needed someone like her for my practice. She is a big help to my
practice. – Dr. Sam GT. – Pain Management Practice, Staten Island, New York

We have been using Ms. Pinky’s services in Medical Billing and Coding – she is a no joke biller!
She will not accept denials and rejection. She just know how to fight for the claims to get paid
based on (always) medical necessity, guidelines and the patient’s benefits, eligibility and
coverage. You can’t go wrong with Ms. Pinky when it comes to billing and reimbursement! The
good think about her, she has a clinical background and she is a very educated woman! So proud
of you Ms. Pinky! Thank you for all your help! – Ms.Lynda G. – Office Manager, Pain
Management Group, New Jersey

I have been using your blog as my reference at work. Thank you. – Blessie G. – Office
Manager, General Surgery Group, California

Your blog and website has been helping me learn more! – Rita V. – Office Manager, Pain
Management Group. Manhattan, NY

Thank you for getting back and answering my question MsPinky – Laurie D. Orthopedic Group,
Staten Island, NY

Thank you for everything that you do Miss Pinky! You are an angel! – Dr. Matt C. – Orlando,
Florida, Sports Medicine Specialist

Ms. Pinky did a good job with our insurance credentialing for 5 providers group. Appreciate her
great and efficient work on insurance contracting and fee analysis and negotiations and follow
ups. Thank you, Ms. Pinky. We’ll keep in touch! – Dr. Shah, Pain Physician Group, NYC, New

Your posts on Physical Therapy services on this website is a big help to us! Thank you so much
Ms Pinky and thank you for returning our phone call and answering our questions that fast!
Never expected a phone call from you in less than half an hour! Thank you! – Peter, PT, OCS,
Physical Therapy Group, IL

I am so glad I found your website! I don’t know how do you manage this great website but
THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your work. I will keep coming back here! – Phyllis, Anesthesia
Group, New Jersey

Ms. Pinky is highly professional and one of the best in the industry. Her client support is
unbelievably great. She is just a very unique professional. She knows everything that she is
doing and she has a lot of integrity. Thank you Ms. Pinky. – Dr. Bautista, General Surgery
Practice, New York, NY

I have been a client of Ms. Pinky since 2011. She kept her promise and she a professional with
integrity that she will always answer our questions whenever we need her. Thank you, Ms.
Pinky! More success to you – Dr. Joshi, Tampa, FL

I love your website! This is bookmarked on my computer! Thank you for all your help. I am sure
you are a big help to many of us. – Lena, Office Manager, AZ

Hello, Ms. Pinky-your hardwork building and updating this website is so much appreciated. Keep
up the good work. I will keep visiting this great site of yours! Thank you! – Teresa, Billing
Manager from California

Working with Pinky was a great experience. I have learned a lot from her. She is very
knowledgeable in the field of Medical Billing and Coding. From Sheryl, General Surgery Practice,
New Jersey

Pinky is an expert when it comes to Medical Billing and Coding for General Surgery! From Tanya,
Surgery Practice, New Jersey

Ms. Pinky helped me with my insurance credentialing and contract negotiations when I was
setting up my new practice. She did a good job. And I am pleased with her continued support
with any questions regarding medical billing, coding, and compliance for practice offices like mine.
Thank you. From Dr. T, Pain Specialist, New Jersey

Hi Ms. Pinky, I am so happy I found your site through Google Search. This is very informative.
Your Blog is also great. I just signed up for your mailing list. I look forward to receiving your
newsletters and free articles on medical billing and coding tips. God Bless you for sharing your
knowledge. From Esmeralda, Office Manager, Orthopedic Large Group in California

Thank you for the information for updates and changes that you sent through your newsletter
via email. It is very useful. Thank you. From Dr. L., Pain Physician, New York

The physical therapy billing on your website is very useful. I can imagine your hard work. Thank
you very much! From Barb, Physical Therapy Practice Manager, Florida

Thank you, Ms. Pinky for the free articles on medical billing and coding. I get excited when I get
an update from you via email. Keep up the good work. From Pat, Medical Billing Manager, Pain
Practice, Michigan

Pinky will even call you and answer your question if she get has the time! I was surprised she
would call me after contacting her on her website. From Joanne, Office Manager, Orthopedic
Office in New York

I am a start up Pain Practice and Pinky helped me set up my billing staff as well as training me
and my staff. Her support is great! You can always rely on Ms. Pinky. From a Pain Doc in Indiana

You can always rely on Ms. Pinky. Any changes and updates, she will always inform us via her
email list. Thank you Pinky for all the useful information that you always update us on. Kelly,
Billing Manager, Michigan. From a Pain Doc in New York, NY

When it comes to credentialing, fee schedule analysis, negotiating your fees and setting up a
new practice, Pinky is an expert. She can guide you from credentialing until signing your first few
contracts! Thank you Pinky for your help. Mr. Scott, Physical Therapist, NJ

Pinky is always available whenever you need her by email, telephone or fax. Her response time
is so fast. She is very knowledgeable and an expert! Lynda, East Brunswick, NJ

We have relied on Pinky’s knowledge and experience on medical billing, coding and compliance.
Thank you Ms. Pinky for all your help. From a Pain Doc from Edison, New Jersey

Great Site!!! This is the absolute best, and has given me so much help when I needed it. Can’t
thank you enough for all your efforts and what you put into this to keep the rest of us
informed!! Thank you so much. Terri R., Office Manager, MA

This is extremely informative and useful site for new as well as old coders and billing
professionals. Madan S., Senior Coding Analyst, Radiology and E&M, India

i had a question about modifier 25 and your website answered it in the first paragraph! i will be
putting you on my favorites list! – Addie, Physician Coder

Hello. I found your site very helpful. I will definitely be using your site as a resource. Thanks do
much for sharing your passion. Kristal M, Alabama

I find you have a lot of information and you get right to the point. It doesn’t take 6 pages to find
the final answer. Great work. Debra S., Orthopedic

I came across your website while researching pain management reimbursement. It has been
and continues to be a great source of useful information and a potent tool in my arsenal. Many
thanks to you for providing it, keep up the great work…please! Craig A., Revenue Cycle
Management, New York

Ms. Pinky, I absolutely love your site. It is the best! I’ve read your modifier info and examples
but remain confused. Please tell me which modifier is appropriate to use for Occup Therapy when
using codes (same day) 97140 (manual therapy),97110(therapy exercise) and 97530
(therapeutic activities). Is it modifier 25 or 59? No one else has been able to provide clear –
Jesusa, Georgia

Pinky, Thanks so much for your informative site. There is so much confusion and
misinformation out there about pain management billing and coding. Your site is very helpful.
Thanks for all your hard work. Frank S., Sales Rep, Michigan

Excellent website! Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge with the rest of us. This will be
very helpful to me and the rest of our team. You have made everything so convenient on one
site. Thanks again… – Mauren H. Account Specialist, California

hi dear, your blog is absolutely great it helped me a lot i must say. Joel B., Medical Biller, New

Hello! You have a great website full of very useful info. I do have a question about Therapy
coding. For secondary dx on a claim after the V57.XX code, can one use the
symptoms/diagnoses the therapist documents in the eval or does one have to stick with the
diagnosis code on the physician’s order? Belynn J., Medical Coder, San Diego

Please advise how you would code the following. I am having trouble since the NCCI went into
effect I would appreciate your expertise. These are charges to a PIP carrier Thank you. 1.
Transforminal L5-S1 epidural steroid injection left side and right side under fluorscopic guidance.
2. Epidurography performed with injection of Omnipaque using fluoroscopy. 3.. Interpretation of
Epigurogram. Mary N., Medical Biller, New Jersey

What is the correct way to bill 62311×2 77003 and 72275 for Medicare. I bill as follows but keep
getting denials for not medically necessary. 62311 72275 59/26 77003 59/26 62311 59 Thank
you for taking the time to answer my questions. Beki, Accounts Receivables, Florida

I just wanted to say THANK YOU… I just started working with a new doctor that does spinal
injections and I found that her last office manager/biller had no idea about the code changes for
the Facet Injections. I goggled a variety of things and finally found your Blog which stated in the
simplest of terms the changes and how to correct the codes. So thank you, thank you, thank
you.. Eleesa R., CMC, CMOM

I discovered Pinky’s website one day while looking on the internet for tips on billing for pain
management services. Pinky has helped me establish an Anesthesia & Pain Management
practice in rural Arizona town. If it wasn’t for Pinky I would be totally lost. She is truly committed
to providing quality service and is an extremely valuable asset to the my practice. If Pinky ever
quits this profession, I will just have to retire. She is an expert in her field and I can guarantee
she is the best in the business. John C.A., CRNA, MS, FAAPM, Arizona

Dear Ms. Pinky, Your website www.justmypassion.com is quite impressive, and shows very well
that you have a passion for billing and coding, among other things. I learned a lot, just browsing
the site. I am a physician with a question about “rendering provider” on the CMS 1500 form
when filing a Medicare claim… Chris D., M.D, Florida

Ms. Pinky is a very dedicated lady to her work. Very reliable (24/7!) and very professional. Her
knowledge in Pain Management medical billing and coding is excellent. Thank you Ms. P for all
your help. ~ Sharon, Pain Practice, NYC

I am an Office Manager in Central New Jersey. Our practice was merely 2 years old and was
handled by the most irresponsible biller at that time. Ms. Pinky came to our office and clean up
our billing department, turned it around at 360 degrees!. Money started coming in in less than
two weeks of her work! She is very good on appeals, insurance follow ups, reimbursement
analysis, contracting and fee schedule analysis. Highly knowledgeable with Interventional Pain
Management services and Physiatry. Strict and compliant! Thank you Ms. Pinky for your great
job! well done indeed! – Shelly, Central New Jersey

Thank you, Pinky for all your help! Educating us on properly coding pain management services is
a very big help to us! – Rhina, from Aurora, Illinois

Pinky’s ability to get work done has been outstanding. Her expertise on insurance participation
and contract negotiations has helped us a lot. She is efficient, reliable, and can be accessible
whenever we need her. Thanks for your help, Pinky! – Sleep Ease Lab (Sleep Disorder Diagnostic
Center) and Neurology Practice, New York, NY

Pinky’s knowledge for Pain Management medical billing and coding is excellent! Thank you Pinky,
for all your help! – Dawn (office manager), Anesthesia/Pain Practice in Oakhurst, NJ

Pinky is a very knowledgeable consultant for pain management billing and coding. She is very
professional in her area of expertise. She is very dependable and highly professional. I have
spoken with many people recently who “claim” to be knowledgeable in this field, only to have
been given the “run around” on numerous occasions. The field of Pain Management Billing is
relatively complicated for medical practice offices who specialize in Interventional Pain
Management. If anyone is in need of pain management medical practice billing and coding
consultant, I highly recommend Pinky for all your billing and coding questions. She is very
upfront when it comes to compliancy. She constantly recommends strict compliancy – Ms. Faye
C., Medical Practice Office and ASC Owner, Michigan

Pinky’s expert knowledge on medical billing and coding for Interventional Pain Management is
excellent!. She had helped me and guided me as a start up practice. Her coding, billing
assistance and her knowledge of the relevant and most recent guidelines in coding were
invaluable to my practice. I continue to rely on her whenever I need medical billing and coding
updates, policies and guidelines. My practice will be ready for ICD-10! – Uzma N., M.D.,
Anesthesia and Pain Management, Long Island, New York

Pinky is very experienced and knowledgeable for Pain Management’s medical billing, coding,
insurance payors’ policies and guidelines. Very professional and easily accessible. She is always
on her phone and email anytime you need her. A very nice lady. Thank you, Pinky for all your
help! – Dr. Caroline C. , San Francisco, CA

Pinky is very good when it comes to Medical Billing, Coding, Guidelines, Policies and Compliancy
for Interventional Pain Management and Anesthesia Services. She was a big help when I was
doing my insurance participation and credentialing and contract negotiations with many major
insurance companies. Her response time via email and telephone for any questions I have is so
fast. But most of the time, she always answers her phone! Highly dependable and very
professional. Thank you, Pinky, for all your help. – Dolores AY.L, M.D., Anesthesiologist, Lincroft,
New Jersey

Pinky is an expert when it comes to billing and coding for Physical Therapy Services including for
Workmans Comp and No-Fault. Great on appealing rejected and denied claims. Very
knowledgeable on Medicare. Very professional. – Roland, Physical Therapy Unlimited, Brooklyn, NY

Almost two years ago I found your site in my initial studies to determine if I wanted to go ahead
and pursue this “late” in life desire to to learn billing/coding. At that time, I did email you.
Today, I returned to your site once again and have been feasting on your articles. I stand in
awe of your experience and credentials. This business is not for the “faint-of-heart” to be sure!
I’m a senior oldster, who just received her CPC-A certification status in November and currently
working for my DIL who is a 17 year veteran in medical billing. I’m so fortunate to be starting
from the bottom.

However, at this stage in life, don’t have a whole lot of years left to compile years of experience,
and would like to know how to find a niche from which to excel! Right now we’re billing remotely
for a pain-management specialist, and feel it would be best to concentrate on learning to help
this doctor get the best revenue for his services rendered, especially in the areas of myo-blok
and botox injections for pain. Just trying to fine-tune my study and networking skills as there is
soooo much out there!
Your site has been so helpful, and I just wish I could shadow you for a day, or longer!
I love your passion for what you do!!! It’s contagious! – Sincerely, Sue, CPC-A Everett, WA

Just wanted to say a quick ‘thank you’ for your great resources online. You’re doing a fabulous
job, and I hope I remember to start my searches for information at your website! – Marcia B.,
President, Physicians Ally Consulting, Colorado

I am very impressed with your website. Awesome!!! Thank You!!!-Spine Orthopaedic Surgery,

I am enjoying your site it has been very helpful – Family Practice and Pain Management,

I discovered your website out of desperation to find out how to bill NJ Medicare for particular
Physical Therapy codes, and you have so much great information to share about our field and
thank you!- New Jersey

I found your site and while it is very informative I would really like to find the correct coding for
all of the codes we use and also a class or seminar would be of great help. If there is anything
you can share with me I would appreciate it.- Butler, PA

After browsing your website, I have come to appreciate all the work
you put in it. Billing is indeed your passion and you are very knowledgeable on this subject
matter. – CT

Medical Biller
Specialty: Pain Management, Radiology
Please sign me up for Billing&CodingMade Easy
an online FREE articles and newsletter from www.justmypassion.com!

Thanks so much for all your great information. Yours is one of my favorite sites for answers to
billing questions.

Medical Biller
Your site is really informative to me who is new in this field. Thank you so much.

Office front desk , biller postering
Specialty = Family Practice / Pain Management
I am enjoying your site it has been helpful.

i just wanted to say thank you for your site, it is very informative and helpful. I am actually
switching careers as I was an Administrative Assistant for 19 years and now changing at my
age !!!

I am just completing a course in Medical Terminology and Understanding Health Insurance and
plan to take ICD-9 and CPT classes in the spring.

I plan on giving out your website to my classmates, i am on it alot and read all your articles and
try to understand everything, but its very confusing right now to me, however, a friend of mine
is a coder and she said that she cried everyday for six months and then suddenly it clicked, she
said, so i am hanging in there !!!!!!!

Again, thanks for your site, and keep up the good work, and i admire your intelligence. Thank
you! Mary (from Massachusetts)

I’m just returning to college after a 30 year hiatus and from a successfull music teaching career.
I’m at the age where I just wanted to do something different and do some life-changing events
have become very interested in the administrative medical community. The coding process has
fascinated me! IF I can take little black dots on a piece of paper and transfer them into
meaningful music, hopefully I can do the same thing with the coding language and facilitate
maximum payment for my (hopefully) future employer. Your credentials are impressive and the
fact that you want to be a blessing and help to others speaks for itself. Thank you for creating
such a site, and I’m pleased to avail myself to your wonderful abundant resources.- Sue,
Everett, WA

hello ms.pinky…found u through internet search…its very expensive for this class already…i
need a mentor…want to take this class really bad…i know more money, extra money for daycare
because i have to drop the baby off early and extra days…can u just tell me your experience with
this field…how do i get a job when i’m done..most employer need few years of experience in this
field…but how will i find an employer will hire me fresh out of college…i don’t get it…please help…
hope to hear from you soon and thank you for your time….MICHELLE….Fresno, CA

First, thanks for your great website! What a wonderful gift you’ve given to the world. – Judi,




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Ms. Pinky Maniri – Your Partner to Grow a Successful Medical Practice